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Sienna Yelle

Class of


2022 Level 9

Palm Springs: 1st V, 2nd FX, 2nd AA

Nashville Nights: 1st FX

Classic Rock Invitational: 2nd V, 3rd UB, 2nd BB, 1st FX, 1st AA

Fiesta Bowl: 1st UB, 2nd BB, 1st FX, 1st AA

Valley of the Sun: 2nd UB, 1st FX, 2nd AA

AZ State Championships: 4th AA, AZ State Floor Champion

Region 1 Championships: 6th V, 3rd UB, 3rd FX, 2nd AA

2021 Level 9

Region 1 Championships: 4th FX  

Arizona State Championships: 4th FX

Valley of the Sun:  2nd UB, 2nd FX, 4th AA

Brestyans: 2nd FX

Arizona Grand: 3rd BB, 4th FX

2020 Level 8

Valley of the Sun: 1st V, 4th UB, 4th BB, 2nd FX, 1st AA

Sun Devil Classic: 2nd UB, 4th FX, 4th AA

Classic Rock Invitational: 4th V, 2nd FX

Fiesta Bowl: 3rd V, 3rd FX, 3rd AA

Winter Sun: 2nd V, 3rd UB, 2nd BB, 1st V, 1st AA

California Grand: 3rd BB