The Olympic Movement gets Phoenix Moving!

Created on
March 19, 2024

Get ready for the magic of the Olympic torch lighting up the skies of Paris and beyond!

At Arizona Sunrays, we can’t get enough of the Summer Olympics season. There's no better time of year to instill a love of sports in your kids and no better way to inspire them to get moving than one of their all-time favorite Olympic sports: Artistic Gymnastics.

The Joy of Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic Gymnastics, the top-viewed Summer Olympic competition, combines strength, flexibility, and grace, allowing athletes to perform on apparatus like the floor, vault, bars, and beam. Training in this sport not only builds physical endurance and agility but also inspires artistic expression through choreographed routines set to music, particularly in the floor exercises.

While gymnastics has its roots in ancient civilizations, Artistic Gymnastics made its modern Olympic debut at the Athens Games of 1896. Initially limited to men, women were finally permitted to compete at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics. Since then, Artistic Gymnastics has produced some of the most memorable Olympic moments and a roster of legendary athletes whose names are instantly recognizable, from Nadia Comăneci, the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 at the Montreal games in 1976, to Simone Biles, who has redefined what's possible on the global stage with her gravity-defying skills and unparalleled medal haul.

Arizona was the home state of two Olympic gymnasts in 2021! That’s right—Makayla Skinner and Jade Carey!

Arizona Sunrays: Inspiring Your Child's Passion for Movement

Arizona Sunrays is more than just a gym.

We believe kids learn best through movement and that each has the potential to shine. Our team seeks to help children find joy in movement while building self-confidence and independence. We believe in working hard and finding healthy, active outlets for frustration and stress, and strive to provide a safe and encouraging environment that inspires our students to explore and embrace the joy of gymnastics.

Our students start as young as six months old, with free exploratory baby classes offered to Phoenix and Scottsdale families. From our Twistin' Tots classes for preschoolers to our Superstars program for advanced athletes, our gymnastic curriculum is structured to nurture each child's potential by challenging our students while celebrating their progress.

Introducing your child to gymnastics is easy with Arizona Sunrays. Just stop into any of our three convenient air-conditioned locations during one of our weekly open gym times.

Now is the Time to Get Your Kids Moving!

Now, let's get ready for the Paris Olympics! It will be super exciting to watch these young athletes show us how dedication, determination, and practice can pay off.

We hope this Summer Olympic season inspires you to bring your child to Arizona Sunrays to explore the world of gymnastics! Encourage movement, embrace the thrill of the gym, and watch your child leap toward an active and rewarding future!